Edgar Nito Huachicolero breaks into #GIFF2019

A strong story, that generated by a social problem in our country, situation with a political, moral and family weight in Mexico.

The deterioration of institutions, poverty and corruption, are part of the story that Edgar Nito achieves in the film, his work in concealment pays off in the GIFF2019.

Huachicolero, belonging to the Official Selection of Mexican Feature Film, tells the story of Lalo, a fourteen-year-old farmer excited about Ana, his classmate. In an effort to gain his affection, he decides to buy him the latest smartphone. Lalo’s urgency for cash takes him to local criminals, who extract gasoline from government pipelines. His plan fails when he realizes that one of them feels something for Ana.

Edgar Nito He was born in Irapuato in 1986. He graduated with honors from the Cinematographic Training Center (CCC) in Mexico City. In 2011 And I will return… won as Best Short Film at the Guanajuato International Film Festival. In 2015, his graduation thesis Massacre in San José won awards for Best Director, Best Latin American Short Film, Best Short Film, Best Photography and Best Mexican Short Film at the Morbid Film Festival, Screamfest LA, the Macabro Film Festival and the Feratum Film Festival .

Huachicolero, a co-production between Mexico, Spain, the United States and the United Kingdom, is his first feature film.

It is worth mentioning that Huachicolero has no release date, after winning as the best movie for the Mexican press in GIFF2019.

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